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Party Recap

This past Saturday Gabe and I hosted what was probably our first attempt at a real grown up party. Actually I think we tried once around Christmas several years ago but as some of you probably know we didn't succeed back then. Anyway, we're all older and wiser now that we're in our thirties and I think the party was a smashing success!

We really wanted to try to make most of the food so Melissa and I hit the recipe books and came up with some ideas. We spent Friday evening and a good part of the day on Saturday preparing the menu and ended up with lots of fun stuff. We also got to use lots of the herbs I've been growing on my balcony in the food. Here's what we ended up making:

  • Jalapeno hummus
  • White bean dip with sun dried tomatoes
  • Roasted red pepper cheese spread (my personal favorite)
  • Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Fresh vegetables from the farmers market (we didn't actually make these but cutting them took some time)
  • Bruschetta
I was probably a little too excited about the food thing but in the past we would have just bought some prepared appetizers from the store and set them next to a big bag of chips and called it good. It was really fun making some stuff and everyone seemed to enjoy it based on the fact that it was pretty much all gone by the end of the night.

We were a little scared about our ability to host a decent party but lots of people came over and there wasn't an abundance of noise coming from our place so I think everything went well. Perhaps we'll have another when the weather gets a little nicer. Thanks to all of you who came, we'll see you next time!