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Yesterday Melissa, her best friend Mary and I went wine tasting out near Carlton Oregon. The sun finally decided to come out so we thought it would be nice to get outside and drink some good wine. We visited a total of 5 wineries, probably sampling 30+ different wines. I can't really think of a better way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon in Oregon.

My favorite was Anne Amie, go check it out sometime. I ended up buying a bottle of white wine there, it was really crisp and clean and that's about as much of a description you're getting out of me. I'm looking forward to drinking this bottle sometime soon.

To top it all off we headed to a concert by The Blow compliments of Gabe. I've never seen anything quite like The Blow before, I guess technically speaking she's more of a "performance artist". It was a perfect end to a great sun filled day. If you ever get the chance go see her perform you should go.