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I guess most people did this with their middle school youth groups but on Saturday Melissa and I went to the Ape Caves on Mt St Helens to beat the 100 degree heat on Portland. I had a really good time there despite being sore all weekend as a result of the hike. As soon as we descended into the lava tube (the longest continuous one in the continental US) the temperature dropped to around 40 degrees. There was also lots of water seeping from the ceiling giving us the feeling of a light drizzle for most of the hike. It's definitely a fun thing to do on a hot day, probably a lot more fun if you don't go on a Saturday like we did.

After the hiking we went to a couple of birthday parties, one of them for my friend Jenny who just turned 30. Seeing her, Cesar and all of the people we used to hang out with back in the day was really great. I'm really glad her husband dug up my e mail address to let me know about the party. The second party was a kegger that we could walk to from my house. Gabe, Melissa and I made the walk over and proceeded to party like we were 21 or something. It was really fun but I didn't feel too good on Sunday. Oh well.