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Utah Day 5

Hackberry Canyon

Hackberry Canyon

Wednesday May 28th, 2008

We set this day aside for a longer day hike through Hackberry Canyon. The trail head was just a half mile up the road from where we camped so we didn’t have to go far to get there. The first part of the hike was really beautiful. The walls of the canyon were really close in and we were walking through a nice little stream along the way. About half way through the hike the canyon got a lot wider and we were in the middle of a lot of bushes, plant and trees. Up until this point I really enjoyed all of the plants we were encountering but here it was just a pain. The hike turned into more of a bushwhacking type walk and wasn’t very much fun but we continued on in hopes of it getting better. The brush eventually cleared up but by this point we were pretty tired of this particular hike and decided to head back. I had brought plenty of water and food but I hadn’t been drinking enough and was also getting a little sun burnt. I learned that applying sun block to your legs is also necessary in places like this.

I think we ended up hiking about 6 or 7 miles RT in Hackberry and it took a better part of the day. I ended up a little dehydrated and took a 3 hour nap as soon as we got back to the campsite. It wasn’t the best day but I liked seeing how quickly a place like this can turn into rough and exhausting place. Nothing like the desert huh?