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Crater Lake

Here's a couple of videos from my trip to Crater Lake over the 4th of July weekend:

On the first day we hiked up to Garfield Peak (Video) to check out the view from one of the higher points along the rim of Crater Lake. Technically speaking the last two thirds of the hike was closed but we hiked over the snow that was covering the trail so we could get up to the top. It was kind of crazy seeing all of that snow on an 80 degree day in July. This was a really fun trail to go up and the views at the top were breathtaking.

After spending a little time taking in some of the views we headed to Union City to find a campsite. We ended up in a nice little campground with the Rogue River running right through it. The other video is of the Rogue River Gorge which was about 1/2 a mile or so from our campsite. Once we got settled in there I almost burnt my thumb off with a sparkler. I thought those things were supposed to be harmless but I somehow managed to hurt myself with one.

Day two brought us to the upper part of Klamath Lake for a little canoe expedition through a wildlife refuge on the lake. I've probably only been in a canoe a couple of times in my life but thankfully Melissa has a lot of experience with them. We saw all kinds of crazy birds, beaver dams and marshy plant life. It was pretty fun but I ended up with a canoe burn on my knees that just started peeling yesterday.

After leaving Rocky Point we went back to Crater Lake and had a few beers at the lodge while reading books. The lodge sits right on the rim so you can sit outside and take in the views while eating and/or drinking. Awesome!

On Sunday we made the hike down to the water. There's only one trail in the park that takes you down to the lake so it was pretty cool to see it from this vantage point. Unfortunately they boat tours hadn't started yet so we weren't able to go to Wizard Island in the middle but it was still a great time. Next time I think I'll wait until later in the summer to go so I can do the entire rim road and the boat tour as well. If you're like me and have spent much of your life in Oregon without ever having been here you should go, it's really an amazing place.