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I finally made it to Nutshell (one of Portland's new vegan restaurants) tonight and it was fantastic. I'm not a vegan but if I could cook food like this I'd be tempted to give up meat and cheese for the rest of my days.

We started off with a delicious order of focaccia bread and olive oil and then moved on to the bamboo fries. At first I thought that was just a clever name, then I found out that I was eating bamboo. They were pretty awesome though. After the fries we had red chard & green kale with creamy grits & a cherry ginger gastrique, also incredibly delicious and probably my favorite thing we ate. We then topped it all off with penne pasta featuring oyster mushrooms, onions etc..(shrooms are my new favorite food).

Everything was wonderful, I'd go check it out if you haven't been there already. I always cringe a little when I think of vegan food but this stuff is really great.